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Bedtime Babble

I was determined to be the "exception" to
 The beceome a parent means no sleep rule.

I've been there. Exhausted. surviving on coffee while reading every parenting book that i could find.

 I am a Certified pediatric Sleep Consultant specializing in toddler sleep . I am a midwest mama of two, an avid Hallmark movie watcher, red wine lover and self-proclaimed yogi. 


I'm Tegan!

If you are reading this then we probably have a few things in common. We are parents of littles, wanting to do the very best that we can do for them. You are probably exhausted and running on caffeine like I was. I am here to help you and your little one achieve better sleep. I look forward to guiding you on the path to sleep filled nights!

Our son, Finnegan, was born 15 months later. I started to implement healthy sleep routines early on, which resulted in healthy sleep habits and sleeping for longer strides. I had friends reaching out to me wanting to know how we did it. Soon I was sharing different tips and tricks that I learned from all the research I had done from when Charlie was a baby. I realized then that I had uncovered a passion of mine. I received my certification from the Center for Pediatric Sleep Management and that is when Bedtime Babble was born. I have a passion for helping others and I know firsthand how much sleep changes just about everything. I specialize in helping mamas become the best versions of themselves by guiding them as they teach their little one the skills to fall asleep and back to sleep on their own!

After having our first child, Charlie Marie, I experienced sleep deprivation. Charlie was not sleeping at night. We spent many nights sleeping on the living room floor next to her swing. Lack of sleep caused me to cry all the time, become very clumsy (fell up the stairs holding her!) and feel all the mom guilt. I felt like I was failing at being her mom because we both were lacking sleep. That is when I decided that something needed to change. I read so many books, blogs, and online articles. I combined different techniques together and created a plan that worked for our little family. That is when everything changed. Charlie was falling asleep independently (in her crib!) and sleeping longer strides at night. This also meant that WE were sleeping too. I finally felt present and confident in motherhood.

-my grandmother 

"Just take One day at a time"

words i live by

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It is time for the entire house to get some sleep.

Get ready to establish healthy sleep habits.