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Meet Brittany: Mama Behind the Camera + Behind the Deals

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November 29, 2022

Hi there!

As a mom of two toddlers, there are two things that I am a BIG fan of:

  1. Capturing all of the sweet moments (and the silly ones too!)
  2. Getting all of the deals when shopping because let’s be real here – kids grow so fast both out of clothes and toys so you might as well get a deal.

This is why I am so excited to introduce you to Brittany Sebesta! ⬇

Introduce yourself:

Hi! My name is Brittany and I am the owner of Lulu Moments Photography as well as the person behind the Facebook page Moments and Deals! I graduated from Elmhurst College with a Psychology degree and married my husband shortly after! I was working as a doula and wanted to capture some of those first moments once the baby was born so my husband bought me a simple camera. That is where it all started and I never would have thought it would grow into the business it is now! I still pinch myself that I have been blessed with the most incredible and fulfilling job freezing those precious moments! 

Meet Brittany of Lulu Moments Photography and Moments and Deals!  

Since I was a little girl I just wanted to be a mom, my mom stayed home with us growing up and I wanted the same for my kids! Photography gives me the flexibility to be home with my boys but still do what I love so much! My husband and I will be married for 7 years next month and have 3 beautiful boys (7, 5, and 2) that keep us very busy! 

Favorite type of photography (family, newborn, milestones, maternity, etc.)? 

Ohhh that is hard! I adore my newborn sessions and capturing the new little miracle in each family’s life! It brings me so much love just capturing those moments of adoration over their new little baby! Equally though, I love my family sessions! I would have to say nothing brings me more joy than having families choose me each and every time to capture their moments as they grow! Some of my families have been with me from the very very beginning and that is the greatest gift that I don’t take for granted! 

Ok, so I am a huge fan of the Moments and DEALS Facebook group. Tell me more about the group and how you got started.  

Moments and deals is a deal page on Facebook! My goal is to find the best deals on amazon (mostly), Walmart, Target, Old Navy, and much more! I am a participant in Amazon Services LLC Associates Program which is an affiliate advertising program! I have always loved searching for the best deals for anything I needed and when the pandemic hit and I couldn’t do photography I decided to start the page! It kept my mind busy and is so much fun! Throughout the year I do giveaways for members and last year I did weekly giveaways with small businesses in the month of December and cannot wait to do that again! 

Do you have any newborn photography tips that you would like to share with mamas?

  1. My number one piece of advice for any type of shoot is to find the photographer that you not only connect with but love their work! Each photographer has their own personality, style, and way they work so take the time to look through their galleries as well as chat with them before your session!  Some photographers do more portraits, some prefer posed scenes, and some lifestyle images and all of those styles should be discussed in advance. 
  2. For newborn sessions specifically, take some time to talk to your photographer about your vision or the ideas for your session! Parents often do some research online and/or come up with their own ideas, which are often cute and fun. However, the photographer might have some tips about facilitating those ideas, but also some realistic facts, advice, and most importantly safety for the baby! This might be about posing, props, shooting style, or really anything connected to the session itself. With every newborn session, I send my clients a questionnaire to fill out that helps me get to know what they are looking for if they have older children a little about them, colors they prefer for setups, ideas for what to wear, and how I run my sessions! For my studio sessions, I send them specific instructions on what to do and bring on the day of the session to assure we have a sleepy baby to capture those adorable posed shots safely! In my newborn instructions, I also go over what to expect during the session! 
  3. Determine which type of session you would like to have. There are two main types of sessions for newborn photography. They are Studio sessions or Lifestyle Sessions in the client’s home.
    • Studio Sessions – more posed, use props, studio lighting, and different backgrounds. I prefer to have studio sessions take place within 14-16 days of the baby being born.
    • Lifestyle Sessions- these are in families’ homes that are more relaxed, and natural. Rather than studio lighting, these have natural lighting. In these sessions, the baby can be a bit older!
  4. You should always be upfront with your photographer about anything. In the end – always remember that you know your newborn better than anybody. Never hesitate to bring up any concerns or suggestions.
  5. Stay patient and relax. Babies can sense when their parents are upset. Crying, inability to soundly sleep, bathroom breaks, and the need for more feeding are all normal things during a photo session!  The truth is – you can never know how a newborn photo session will go. Babies are pretty unpredictable models, but that is what makes them so adorable!
  6. Trust your photographer, and most importantly have fun and take it all in!

Three of your favorite things:

Three of my favorite things (besides my husband and boys haha) are:

  1. Reading
  2. Coffee
  3. The Hallmark Channel (yes I adore the cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies haha).

Where can other mamas find you? 

You can find my photography:



My Deal page:


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