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How To Get Rid of The Monster Under The Bed

Sleep Tips

September 29, 2022

Complete transparency – bedtime can be a struggle as your little one becomes a toddler, even for sleep consultants! 

As your little one becomes a toddler their imagination is on overload and you may feel like the excuses are never ending…

Mom, I love you…more, most, most-est.

Tell me about my day, again. (This is a common one in the Donahue house).

I have to go potty..again. (This one too!)

And… then there are the monsters. Whether it’s monsters in the closet or under the bed, I suggest taming them with Monster Spray. A twist to the name is Guardian Angel Spray. Be creative and customize for your little one because, as I always say, every little one is different! 

To make the monster spray you will need: 

  • A spray bottle – I suggest looking at the dollar store. I used these from Amazon.
  • Monster stickers – I suggest looking at the dollar store but if you can’t find monster stickers there, these are the stickers that I purchased on Amazon.
  • Sharpie Marker 
  • Water
  • A drop of two of food color -optional

Steps to create your monster spray:

I highly encourage you to involve your little one in the process of creating the special spray from decorating the bottle to creating the mixture, It is so important that they are part of each of the steps.

Step 1:  Let them place the stickers on the spray bottle where they feel appropriate. You don’t have to use monster stickers. You can use stickers of some of their favorite things (Mickey Mouse, princesses, etc.) if that is what you have on hand

Step 2: Use the Sharpie to label the spray bottle; “Monster Spray”, “Guardian Angel Spray”, “Charlie’s Bedtime Spray”

Mixing your spray:

Step 3: Let your little one add and/or mix in the water and food coloring to the spray bottle

Step 4: Give the bottle a good shake and your spray is ready to go!

Using the monster spray:

At bedtime let your little one use their spray as part of their bedtime routine. Pay attention to any “entry spots” such as a doorway, window, closet, and under the bed. Keep the bottle on their nightstand or in hand reach in case they need it during the night.

Goodbye monsters. Hello, sleep!

Your sleep gal,


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