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Why Should I Hire a Professional Sleep Consultant?

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September 20, 2022

Have you asked yourself this question?

Maybe you are just realizing there is such a thing as a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant.

Keep reading!

Why work with a sleep consultant?

Teaching your baby to fall asleep independently is kind of like a puzzle. There is a particular pattern that will make all the pieces fall into place, though that pattern can be hard to figure out. Not one child is the same. Books, blogs, podcasts, and articles are great resources, but having a certified sleep consultant to work with can be the difference between getting a night of better sleep after a few nights or taking months to see any changes. I will work with you to learn more about your little one and create a plan that will work for you and your family.

What working with me as your sleep consultant looks like:

I work with families one on one and meet them where they are.

1. The initial phone call. This is where we have an in-depth conversation about your little one’s sleep struggles, goals, and what the two weeks together will look like.

2. I create a customized detailed plan that includes a daytime schedule, nighttime, and sleep training method designed specifically for your little one. I ask for three days to get that to you; I usually get the personalized sleep plan to my clients sooner than the three days.  

3. Once you have the time to review the plan, have any questions answered, and are confident with implementing it (this is key!) then the two weeks together officially start!

4. Over the two weeks I will be there (virtually) to help you by answering questions, pivoting if needed, and most importantly celebrating the victories with you!


Are you ready to get some sleep?

Let me help you get there!

Click here to get a spot on my calendar!

Teamwork makes the dreams work!

Oh and mama, you’ve got this! Dada, you do too!

your sleep gal,


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