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The Face Behind the Sleep Plan

Sleep Business

September 8, 2022

Hi, my name is Tegan!

As promised, there is a picture of the face behind the sleep plan. As a bonus, I will throw in a little more about myself.

the basics.

I am from a “small town” in the suburbs of Chicago. I say that with air quotes because it isn’t a small town, we had 1000 kids in my high school graduating class, but we also didn’t have a Walmart until I was in college, which is a pretty small town for the Chicago suburbs. My town -which is actually considered a city (mind blown, right?)- has that small town feel where everyone knows everyone and if you don’t know someone then they probably are cousins with someone that you know or just moved here, etc. But most of all, it has the feeling of home.

After going away to college, I moved to Iowa and then to Texas before making my way back home to my small town. It is kind of a Hallmark Movie plot. I moved out of my hometown just to come back years later, and fall in love with a guy that went to the same high school that I did. (Note: I did not know my now husband back then though he claims that I did and that I had a secret crush on him for years and finally got the courage to connect… that would have also made a great Hallmark Movie plot – just not mine).

I am a mama of two amazing little humans, Charlie and Finn, and one very loveable pup, Kaner. Charlie and Finn are 15 months apart. I am putting this into the universe right now – they will be the best of friends! They are also the reason and force behind my sleep business. Without them, I would have never discovered this passion of mine. More on that later. We rescued Kaner when he was only 3 months old. When he turned 3 years old (the same year that Charlie was born) he went from having solid black fur to having a grey beard. I guess becoming a big brother is stressful.

how did I become a pediatric sleep consultant?

I have always been a lover of sleep. I would count the hours to make sure that I was getting a solid 9 hours of sleep each night. Even in college – “ok, if I go to bed now then I need to sleep until…” – ha!

When I became pregnant with my daughter in 2019, I was told many times that I would never have a good night’s sleep from that moment forward. Hold the phone – nope, not happening. I read all of the books, blogs, and articles. You name it and I most likely read it and/or have notes on it. It is safe to say that my kids are wonderful sleepers – actually, all three are napping as I type this blog post. I started to have my friends asking for tips on how to get their little ones to sleep better because they needed sleep. It was almost immediately that I realized that this was something that I was passionate about. I knew that I love helping people (and the good feelings that come along with it) and that I am sleep obsessed (which was already very evident) but until then I didn’t think that I could combine the two to create a business. I became a Certified Sleep Consultant through the Center for Sleep Management and then shortly after Bedtime Babble was born!

these are a few of my favorite things other than sleep- not in any particular order

1.       Hearing “Love you, mama”

2.       Chocolate

3.       Chicago Cubs

4.       Red wine

5.       Fall

6.       Ice cream

7.       Hallmark movies

8.       A comfy set of pajamas

9.       A good deal (I mean, who doesn’t)

10.   Yoga

Let’s chat! Grab time on my calendar today!

your sleep gal,


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